Liberty Swing

Frequently asked questions

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The Liberty Swing is a world-first Australian innovation – a swing that allows children in wheelchairs the opportunity to experience the joy of having a swing in the park. It is the only swing of its type that is fully lockable and allows a maximum swing height – that is, really swinging, not just rocking back and forth. When installed and operated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is a very safe and easy to use piece of equipment; the plastic moulded capsule is fitted with an internal steel frame, making it robust enough to withstand the rigours of an outdoor children’s playground or busy schoolyard.

The Swing is manufactured in Sydney, Australia to the highest Australian and European Standards.

The manufacturer recommends a maximum carrying capacity of 250 kg (550 lbs).

The manufacturer strongly recommends that the Liberty Swing be enclosed in a fenced area. While some people are ideologically opposed to fences in playgrounds, safety of children running in playgrounds must be paramount in decision-making. Consider the bulk of the capsule and weight when it contains a person plus wheelchair. Liberty Swings look great and integrate well into existing playgrounds when fenced with transparent, swimming pool-type fencing. We’ve found that most contemporary playgrounds these days are fenced – meaning peace of mind for carers and parents. Fencing should be a minimum height of 1200 mm but other barriers can be used (see our Fact Sheet Photo Install Examples).

It is the inventor’s intention that these swings not be placed in isolated areas away from traditional play areas – the idea is that the whole family can go to the park together and all the children, those with or without a disability, can enjoy the facilities some children have been missing out on until now. There are some great examples of well-integrated Liberty Swings in playgrounds around the world. Sometimes when the Liberty Swing is being used, able-bodied children want a turn. If a key-holder is present, this is possible using the internal seat. We encourage the use of the Liberty Swing by all, but priority should always be given to those in the community for whom its invention was intended, and always under adult supervision.

People frequently ask about the key. In New South Wales, Australia, people with a disability access public amenities with an MLA key, that is, a special key, owned by the Master Locksmiths Association (Australia), which can only be made or copied by a Master Locksmith. The Liberty Swing is locked with this same key. This ensures swing security when not in use. The key is used to access the safety belt compartment, the gate (optional) and also to release the ramp on the Liberty Swing. When a swing is sold, the purchaser receives two of these keys which are easily reproduced; we suggest a sign on the fence advising the public where the nearest key can be collected to access the swing. Ideally, special schools and individual families will have their own keys to use at their leisure at any public Liberty Swing location.
For public installations, councils and park managers generally distribute or sell these keys. See our Fact Sheet Guidelines for Accessible Key Management for advice to land managers. To obtain a Liberty Swing key, contact the park manager, or a Master Locksmith, who can reproduce a key using the codes from the Master Locksmiths Association, Ph 1800 810 698 (Australia and New Zealand only). Overseas enquirers please contact us directly for assistance.

The Liberty Swing contains an internal fold-down seat for people who are not confined to a wheelchair, but who still need the support of the seatbelt, or perhaps access to the swing by wheelchair; it is possible for some children, after initial help from their carer, to swing themselves, and if they have control of their upper bodies/arms, this provides an excellent form of exercise.

It is essential that users of the Liberty Swing lock the ramp back into position when finished with the swing. This will ensure public safety and deter misuse. Swing owner/managers should make every effort to ensure responsible use of the Liberty Swing. Safety signage and full instructions for on-site display are supplied with the Liberty Swing and should be read thoroughly by every new user.