Liberty Swing


We have had a great reception on the swing. Unfortunately, it was opened for use in late August, which only gave us a shorttime before cool weather hit. We also had an enormous amount of rain in October so that hurt us too.

But, we did have people come from 100 miles to use it, and they have been putting it out on their web site. All the participants just love it after they use it, and the video that you use on your website is so true when you see their faces while swinging. Thanks for asking and I will probably be ordering some keys this summer.
Kevin Arand
City of Union, MO, USA
I started working at Maroondah Council in the Customer Service area, 4 weeks ago, and whilst researching my role on the Maroondah Council website, I came across the Liberty Swing information.

I immediately wanted to find out how I could use this swing for my brother. Turns out you can buy a $10 key, and this makes all Liberty Swings in the state of Victoria accessible, including the swing at Ringwood Lake.

Even though I have had a disabled brother for over 30 years, our family never knew these swings existed, and mum was very excited at the possibility of taking Scott on one.

I bought the key on Friday, and the very next day, on Saturday 22nd August 2009, my mum and I took my brother Scott to Ringwood Lake and he used the Liberty Swing for the very first time.

You can see by the photos the joy and excitement in his face. He was laughing and happy the whole way there, and then when we put him on the swing, and strapped him in safely with the seat belt, away he went! Words cannot express how wonderful it was to see him so happy.

I want to thank Maroondah Council and Variety Australia for the Liberty Swing, as now we know about it, we will regularly visit Ringwood Lake, and other venues which have the swing, because it gave my brother the freedom and joy that any normal child or grown person would feel when swinging.

I also wanted to write, because I want to make other disabled people, and their carers more aware of this wonderful opportunity to have some fun for someone confined to wheelchair. It would be great if you could publish this so that others in the community could see what a great way this is for people with disabilities to have a good time.

We never knew the Liberty Swing existed, and now we do, we will use it on a regular basis! Thank you so much.
Donna McLemore, Scott and his mum Mary
Victoria, Australia
Our children absolutely love the swing, from the youngest at three years of age up to the eighteen year olds. One of our biggest success stories lies with the sixteen year old who has never communicated with anyone (he has autism), and loves the swing. For the first time he took a staff member's hand and smiling took them to the gate indicating that he wanted to have a go.

Of course he now has lots of turns, earning it as a reward as a part of his educational and communication program. So good on you, you and your business are making a real difference to these young people's lives.
Janet Taylor
Mt Evelyn SDS, Victoria, Australia
Dear Variety, My name is Amanda Pearson and I'm 17 years old. I have a little story to share which is thanks to Variety. My friend and I were swinging on swings at a Highland Park playground when a boy in a wheelchair, about 9 years old or so, came into the playground with his father.

Ordinarily I would have been sad for him that he couldn't go on a swing...but he could. A wonderful bright, yellow, special swing had been put up. My friend and I watched as this gorgeous little boy was fastened in and pushed by his dad. He was so happy. His laughs bought me to tears. So thank you for helping something like swinging on swings, which I used to take for granted, a reality for those who deserve it most.
Amanda Pearson
New Zealand
I would like to let your company know what a difference it makes having play ground equipment that is wheelchair friendly in public parks.

I take my kids to parks now because everyone can have a good time.
Karen Bartram
Australian Capital Territory
Mon équipe est moi-même allons très bien d'autant que les beaux jours arrivent et que nos parterres fleuris embellissent à nouveau Nancy. Je suis très heureux pour vous de savoir que vous avez eu l'opportunité d'installer Liberty Swing dans deux autres villes que Nancy, et que vous êtes sur le point de la mettre en place sur la ville de Bondy. A Nancy, nous n'avons que des retours positifs de personnes qui utilisent cette balançoire.

Des personnes en fauteuil roulant viennent en mini-bus pour en profiter. C'est espace qui leur est réservé, mais qui est parfaitement intégré à l'aire ludique pour enfants, leur permet de partager des moments de joies au milieu de personnes sans handicap et des cris des enfants qui s'amusent.

Espérant sincèrement que Liberty Swing soit autant appréciée dans les autres villes qu'à Nancy, mais surtout que mon témoignage encourage la ville de Bondy à offrir aux personnes à mobilité réduite de sa cité, ce bonheur de découvrir avec Liberty Swing une activité dont il ne pouvait profiter jusqu'à ce jour. Très cordialement.
Directeur du Service Parcs et Jardins, Ville de NANCY
First I would like to say a huge thank you for the joy which was experienced by a close friend of mine on the weekend. Sunni-Louise is 5 years old and suffers from SMA. She has been in a wheelchair for the majority of her life. About a month ago we were at Wynnum and it was heart breaking when Sunni again cried "there's no swings here that I can go on".

Later that week to my surprise I discovered the Liberty Swing at my local park. We took Sunni in on Saturday just gone, what an awesome day! To see Sunni laughing and screaming "look no hands" was so emotional, so rewarding. She was on the swing for 30 minutes and when she got off she was so tired, so exhausted from the amount of fun she'd just had. It was crazy! Thanks.
Sandy Warneke
Queensland, Australia