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Liberty Swing Instruction Manual

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Country specific guides are available for Australia, USA, France and New Zealand. If you are looking for a manual for a different language or region, please contact support here.

Liberty Swing Instruction Manual for Australia
Liberty Swing Instruction Manual for France
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Liberty Swing Instruction Manual for USA
Liberty Swing Instruction Manual for New Zealand


Here are some images of installations showing various combinations for surfacing and fencing (barriers). Email for more information

Location: St Albans Park, Herts, UK

Note hedging and mesh fencing. This swing has been installed, without incident since 2003. Note: This park is locked at night.
As above This image is a good example of a well blended playground – the Liberty Swing sits’ inclusively’ amongst other play equipment, separated by hedges and mesh barriers. HEDGES MAKE GREAT BARRIERS! And they’re cost efficient too.

Location: Nancy, France

Note hedging and wooden barrier

This is a lovely installation. However, the large area may entice additional traffic in the enclosure, posing a safety risk. Initially, installed without a gate, the Council retrospectively removed a drink fountain and installed a gate for this reason. Note the raised softfall area for the ramp.
Use of the 1500 mm fence height, with the small area can look ‘cagey’. The manufacturer now recommends 1200 mm fence height, particularly for smaller areas.
One of our favourite installations. Note the mixed surface treatments: wetpour rubber, tanbark and pebble mix. Same fence as playground perimeter and well integrated into total playground. Well done Ric McConaghy P/L!


The Liberty Swing blends in well with other playground equipment; note the use of hedging as a barrier instead of traditional fencing.

Shade cloth is a necessary feature if the swing is not shaded by surrounding trees.

The Liberty Swing located in Townsville, Queensland.

This is a beautiful installation in Geelong, Australia. Note the three different surface materials. Wetpour rubber (poured in place) is used just in the 'fall zone' under the swing. The other areas are a combination of paving and tan bark (wood fibre). Note the 'well' formed under the ramp for it to drop down into.